Weddings: The First Dance

For most couples their wedding day is considered the most important day of their lives. The highlight of any reception and the image most guests will remember is that of the first dance. Don’t be caught unprepared for the moment that will last a lifetime. Call or contact us today to schedule your introductory lesson.

Arthur Murray has been teaching future husbands and wives to dance for 95 years. Our instructors can help you with anything from a basic Waltz or Rumba that moves around the floor and ends with a romantic dip, to a fully choreographed routine to your wedding song.

Don’t think that dancing is limited to your first dance as husband and wife. Let Arthur Murray help you have the knowledge and skill to light up the dance floor throughout the reception and any dance floor for the rest of your lives. The romance doesn’t end after the wedding! Learning to dance will be the gift that continues to give at each special occasion or anniversary.

6 Useful Tips to Getting Prepared for a Wedding Dance


Don’t wait until the last minute. Learning to dance well takes time. Many couples start to prepare for their first dance six months, to a year in advance. Although you may be surprised with what our couples have accomplished in a few short weeks.


Have a few choices in mind for the wedding song. If you have a specific song that you would like to use for the wedding please bring it to your first lesson, so your instructor can teach you the appropriate dance for your music.


Be aware that not every wedding dance will be a Waltz. Most songs that couples bring into the studio range from being a Rumba or Foxy, to even a Swing or Salsa. And don’t limit yourselves to one dance for the wedding. Be prepared for a variety dances on your wedding day.


Be patient when learning to dance. As time gets closer to the wedding, couples have more stress in their lives than they have ever experienced. Remember, dancing is a great time to just have fun and relax.


Wear shoes to your lessons that are similar to the ones you’ll be wearing on the big day.


Be consistent with all of your appointments (privates, groups and practice sessions). The more often a couple is able to come in, the less review there will be on each lesson and the more they will be prepared for the wedding. Group classes and practice sessions help solidify the information received on private lessons, making the private lessons more efficient.

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