Dances We Teach at Arthur Murray

The Salsa is a popular Latin nightclub dance that evolved as a modified form of Mambo. Salsa works on the basis of Mambo – a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music. People of all ages are drawn to the energy and excitement that radiates from Latin dance clubs. Salsa dancing is characterized by fancy footwork, intricate arm styling, and exciting turns and spins.
Learning the Rumba is a prerequisite for good Latin dancing. The Cuban Motion is essential in most Latin dances. The Rumba is used by good dancers everywhere and provides interesting variety suited to a limited space. Neat, attractive, precise footwork gives you confidence in your dancing. The Rumba will sharpen your sense of rhythm, timing, and muscular control.
Hustle is a fast, smooth, slotted dance noted for its elaborate spins and turns, especially for the lady. In Hustle, the lady spins almost constantly, while her partner catches her and redirects her movement. Hustle is a club style dance that can be adapted to crowded nightclub dance floors. Hustle teaches turns and position changes with an emphasis on fingertip lead & follow, and arm control.
Swing dancing is a very fun and versatile group of dances that combine swift footwork with intricate turns and rotations. Because of the various styles, swing dancing spans many rhythms and tempos of music, making it a great dance to take with you anywhere!
The Cha-Cha adds fun to your dancing through its syncopated steps and many open movements. When you can dance many interesting combinations with ease, you and your partner will be able to feel the pulsating Latin rhythms which make this dance so fascinating. The energetic rhythm of the Cha-Cha encourages you to cut loose and let your personality show.
The Tango is one of the most beautiful of all the dances. It is characterized by earthy and dramatic movements. In order to achieve the distinctive style of Tango, it is important to develop controlled staccato footwork along with fluid graceful movements. The unique rhythm of the music is great training for timing and phrasing which develops as the dancer becomes more proficient. Tango practice is essential towards becoming a good dancer.
Waltz develops balance and control. The basic Waltz steps are the foundation patterns used in almost every partner dance. Correct posture, rise and fall, and flowing movements should be stressed to achieve good styling. The elegant sweeping movement of the Waltz gives dancers a chance to practice balance and to move lightly with ease.
Here at Arthur Murray, we have an exciting syllabus that teaches all of the popular Country dances. From 2-Step to Swing and everything in between, we'll get you ready for a fun night out! And for those of you who have aspirations of country western dance competition, these dances can be found at nearly every event that we attend.
Fox Trot is a basic dance from which you can acquire a foundation. Learning to combine dance steps easily and smoothly teaches variety and maneuverability. Being able to dance to slow, medium, and fast tempos will add confidence to your dancing and will assure fun and relaxation for your partner. The Fox Trot provides a good foundation for all dances.
America Style is one of the two main categories offered in competitive dancing. With styles in both Smooth and Rhythm, characteristics of American Style are open positions for dancers as well as solo actions. This expressive style is creative an fun to watch and dance.
Not looking for a traditional ballroom dance class? We offer an exciting line-up of specialty dances that will fit any situation and destination. Visit one of our Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, or Clackamas locations to speak with a dance specialist who will help you determine the dances that best suit your needs.
International Style is one of the two main categories offered in competitive dancing. With Styles in both Standard and Latin, International Standard requires both dancers to be in constant closed position, never losing contact with one another. From this style emerges a unique elegance and beauty.

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