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Here at Arthur Murray, we have an exciting syllabus that teaches all of the popular Country dances. From 2-Step to Swing and everything in between, we’ll get you ready for a fun night out! And for those of you who have aspirations of country western dance competition, these dances can be found at nearly every event that we attend.

The following is a list of dances found in our Country Western Syllabus:

Country Western Waltz

This is the Country Western counterpart to the Ballroom Waltz. This version is generally faster and progresses rapidly down the floor. Generally seen as the romantic country dance, the movement is graceful and playful through its use of turns and spins.

Country Swing

Country Swing is also referred to as 4 count Swing or Pony swing and is characterized by its use of continuous rock steps. This is an easy dance to learn and is often fun for those looking to get out on the dance floor immediately.

Texas Two-Step

The Texas version of the popular Two Step is the most universally accepted Country dance of all.  The steps are best suited to the slower romantic tempos so often heard in Country Western nightclubs.

Country Triple

Country Triple is the Western version of Polka. The primary difference is that the style of Shuffle is less hoppy than the Polka. The basic step consists of a triple to the left followed by a triple to the right.

Country Shuffle

Sometimes called Double Two Step of Traveling Swing, the Shuffle is a combination of Two Step & the popular East Coast Swing. This makes Shuffle a very versatile dance, allowing a mix and match of patterns which can result in some exciting variations.

Country Three Step

Many Country Western song writers & composers use a unique Latin sounding rhythm as a basis of many popular tunes. The Three Step, with its subtle hip action and small movements, is the perfect dance for this Country/Latin fusion sound.

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